Chemical Peel

Wanting a more indepth peel to help address your skin concerns or a glowy look for an upcoming event? We have a peel for each!

Reverse skin damage and give your skin a refresh with one of our signature chemical peels. Book your appointment today and let our expert medical aesthetician help decide which peel is best for you!

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Depend on which peel you and your provider choose for your skincare concerns! We have a “lighter peel” that targets at a superficial depth and then we have a more aggressive peel that targets deeper skin concerns. It is common to notice shedding of the skin within 1-2 days of treatment. This shedding can last up to 7 days after treatment. We recommend scheduling our more in depth chemical peel 4-6 weeks prior to a special event.

Results from peels that involve shedding of the skin are commonly noticed about 1-2 weeks after treatment.

Results from treatment are permanent, we recommend chemical peels paired with a tailored skincare regime so that you continue changing and improving the skin! 80% of skincare changes happen at home with a twice daily routine!

Both of our chemical peels are well-tolerated with mild to no discomfort.

The most common side effects include redness, peeling, swelling and itching. Rarely, chemical peels can cause acne that is under the surface to purge.

Chemical peels should not be received during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.